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UPGRADE to 0.10.0

The tool has been converted to a PHPStan extension. Now it requires the user to run it with the PHPat extension activated.

ℹ️ Some features have been removed, but will come back in future versions.


  • Remove your phpat.yaml, use phpat.neon instead.
  • Instead of a test suite path, use fully qualified names of your test classes.
  • Enable the extension in your PHPStan configuration.
  • The configuration ignore-docblocks is now called ignore_doc_comments.
  • The rest of configurations do not exist anymore.

# phpstan.neon
    - vendor/phpat/phpat/extension.neon
    - phpat.neon
# phpat.neon
        class: Tests\Architecture\MyFirstTest
            - phpat.test
        class: Tests\Architecture\MySecondTest
            - phpat.test
⚠️ Your architecture tests folder should be included in the PHPStan analysed paths.


  • Test classes do not extend ArchitectureTest anymore.
  • Instead of $this->rule, the rule builder gets started with PHPat::rule().
  • Instead of using andClassesThat(), all selectors are now passed as consecutive arguments of a single classes() method.
  • The build process does not need to end with a build() anymore.

You can use regular expressions in selectors, but be aware that you might need to escape the backlashes properly. Example:

Selector::namespace('/^App\\\\.*\\\\Infrastructure\\\\.*/', true)


  • Arguments do not accept the * wildcard anymore. Instead, you can now use a regular expression setting the second parameter to true.
  • Composer selectors are not available anymore, at least not for now.
  • Selector methods have changed slightly and some new have been added. Check the Selectors docs for more information.


  • The verb must has been replaced by should.
  • Assertions have changed slightly as well, this is the list of current assertions:
  • should extend
  • should implement
  • should not extend
  • should not implement
  • should not depend on
  • should not construct
  • See the Assertions docs for more information.